Make your brand recognizable 

Take a look at your business card

  • What does it say about your company?
  • How does it convey your brand philosophy?
  • How would a potensial client be able to distinguish between you and your competitor?

A business card is just a small piece of paper, but it´s still, even in our digital age, an important part of the marketing mix and a vital tool in networking, client relations and simply spreading your brand message

What I offer

  • Brand testing Every brand need revision from time to time. Let´s find out if it´s time for your brand
  • Rebranding You want the best design for your business card, website, product folder, Facebook-page, store front and company car so you stand out and your costumers can find you.
  • Finding your voice To let you convey your message smart and clear so the costumers want to buy from you and not “the other guy”
  • Quick fixing Don´t have a business card? Let´s make you one!

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